I want to thank Mrs. Karen Hightower for the monumental task of typing the original text of MISSIONS USA into the computer.

I am grateful for my wife, Alda May’s unflagging support of the research and rewriting project as well as creating and entering the data in the database of missions.

It was Dr. Lester Pipkin, President Emeritus of Appalachian Bible College, who originally inspired the idea that there should be a current text book for a course in National Missions.

Alda and I are most grateful for those who have faithfully supported us during our missionary service over the years and several who invested generously to make this project possible.

We pay special homage to the member missions of the Association of North American Missions whose ministries inspired the desire to seek a better understanding of the real spiritual needs of North Americans.

Moody Press published the book to make it available for a text for Home Mission courses.

Mr. Jim Null of Missionary TECH Team, designed the ANAM Web site and prepared Missions North America to be publshed on the Internet

Our son Phil Parvin is hosting the book on the Internet